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This one is for the DESPERATE.




This one is for the DESPERATE.


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What is Remnant Conference?

Remnant Conference is a gathering specifically for young adults (18-35) who are passionate about a move of God! Join with young adults from across the country who are passionate about Jesus and want to unite with the movement of resisting the culture and embracing Revival.

Remnant Conference will be May 31 - June 2, at Deeper Fellowship Church in beautiful Orlando, FL. Registration opens May 1st and is only $49! We are going to have a life-changing encounter with God and we don't want you to miss out on it!


Special Guests

Conference Schedule


Deeper Fellowship Church
170 Sunport Lane - Suite #900
Orlando, FL 32809

**Please Note: All purchases for Remnant Conference
are non-refundable.

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More Information

More Information


Check In
Doors will open at 6PM for check in on Thursday night. This year you will be able to take advantage of our new "Fast Pass" option to avoid long check-in lines, giving you more time to apply that makeup, or iron that shirt. :-)  Be sure to check your email, follow the steps and download your conference pass. When you arrive at conference we will scan your pass and you will be able to walk right in! **Fast Pass is for single registrations and does not apply to groups of any size (2 or more registrations). 


We are only a day away from Remnant Conference and we couldn’t be more excited for what God is going to do among us. It is our desire that what God does among us, has a lasting impact in our lives and subsequently in our city and in our nation. 

We need a move of God NOW and it will only happen if we are willing to do away with complacency and adopt the posture of desperation. It is a posture that says I can’t afford to go another day without seeing God move! It is a posture that says I will do whatever it takes to see God’s glory manifested in my life and in the earth. 

Desperation will cause you to do uncommon things, go uncommon places and make uncommon sacrifices because what are you after is greater than what you are giving up! I believe God is going to answer this cry. However I believe it is important that we prepare our hearts and our spirits for Heaven’s answer.

Unfortunately, there are many who cry out to God asking for more but have not yet created an atmosphere or space for Him to answer. 

You have to ask yourself, what if God actually answered my desire for more? 

What if He gave me what I have been asking for? Would I change the way I live in order to make room for Him? 

Would I let go of certain things, activities, or even people in my life if that’s what He was asking? 

Would the outpouring be wasted? 

Would it just be a really cool experience that you would brag out but never actually live out?  

God is a good steward and so He won’t waste an outpouring on the unprepared. 

With that said we want to invite you to prepare your hearts for Remnant Conference. We are asking you take a set amount of time out of your day to pray for Remnant Conference. We have included some specific prayer focuses below that can help guide your time of prayer. 

We encourage you in these moments to shut off all distractions and make this time about you and God. Give Him whatever He asks. 

• Surrender yourself completely to Him.
• Repent of anything in your life that contradicts His Word. 
• Ask Him to speak to you. 
• Make room in your heart for Him to fill it with more of Himself.

Are you desperate enough to prepare for your encounter? 
Are you desperate enough to set aside time to make sure that when God shows up you are ready to receive all that He has for you? 

We believe you are! 

Thank you in advance for joining us and we can’t wait to see you in one week at Remnant Conference!


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Remnant Prayer Focuses

  1. Life changing encounters with God.
  2. An open atmosphere that requires no striving but simply receiving.
  3. The destruction of the spirit of complacency
  4. The manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit (word of wisdom, word of knowledge, prophecy etc)
  5. The display of miracles, signs, and wonders.
  6. That the posture of desperation would be permanently adopted not just temporarily received.
  7. That the burden of revival would be laid upon us.